Legendary singer Ebi, born Ebrahim Hamedi, speaks exclusively to bebin.tv about his passion to sing from an early age and his stories and experiences over the years! Do you know: Ebi was one of the 1st members of the Black Cats… he has named his 3 kids after his own songs? …how long it has been since he last shaved his beard? …who Ebi regards as the greatest influence in his career? Want more? Just watch… then

Part 1 - Ebi interview

Part 2 - Ebi interview

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  1. احسان از دورود Said,

    سلام با تشکر از سایت بسیار بسیار خوب و عالی شما
    من در دانلود بعضی از آهنگهای تصویری و بعضی از مصاهبه ها با مشکل مواجه شدهام مانند همین مصاحبه تصویری،ممکنه خواهش کنم راهنماییم کنید؟
    خیلی خیلی ممنون

    Posted on November 27, 2009 at 3:55 AM


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